Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) in the USA and Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHSA) in Canada are clear; a before-shift forklift inspection must be completed by the operator to ensure the safe operation of the machinery. Up until now, this process has been mostly done by outdated carbon copy paper check-lists - but not any more.

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The MasterCheckapp is designed not only to automate the process of the required forklift inspection checks every shift, but to also provide the supervisor with important operational insights. Operators can now complete the forklift inspection checks quickly and virtually on their mobile device or iPad and simply click “send” to have the record of that check sent to their supervisor. The forklift inspection check is saved in the cloud for their own records as well. Once sent, the supervisor can receive a notification that all inspections are complete. Quick, simple and efficient.

Program with IPhone

In addition, operators can fill out and send Repair Reports, Accident Reports and Near Miss Reports. Once filled out, the operator can even take a photo and have it included in the report that is sent to the supervisor. No more looking for lost paper reports – everything is automated!

Program on devices

As inspections and reports are completed and sent to the supervisor, the data base begins to build. The information is collected, sorted and analyzed for the supervisor to review on the supervisor dashboard.

The supervisor dashboard includes:

  • A complete history of all inspections, sorted by operator or forklift allowing the supervisor to view passes and failures by any date range.
  • Graphs showing the best performing forklifts and operator history.
  • Forms showing the specifics of forklift inspections that failed for follow up.
  • Additional forms showing the specifics of Repair Reports, Accident Reports and Near Miss Reports, including all details and related photos.
  • Reports can be forwarded or printed at any time.
Dashboard of Program in Web page

Now the supervisor will have all of the reporting aspects of each forklift and operator at his/her fingertips – especially if required by any government body auditor as a spot check or in the unfortunate case of an accident.